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Now Available: "The Golden Age of Folkestone's Cinemas" by Ricky Hart

The Golden Age of Folkestone's Cinemas by Ricky HartRicky Hart's The Golden Age of Folkestone's Cinemas has NOW BEEN PUBLISHED and available in certain bookshops in Kent, priced £14.95.

The author, Ricky Hart, charts the story of the town's early picture palaces and their development through to the 'Cinema Supreme' of the 1930s. His personal memories and experiences are intertwined to provide us with a unique glimpse into that era when the 'silver screen' portrayed such wonders and provided escapism into so many worlds. More than this, though, Ricky describes his passion for the cinema organ which led him to rescue whatever he could when these fabulous instruments were being sent for scrap or consigned to the demolition contractor's bonfire. Through his own incredible effort and determination he built his own theatre organ which provided him and his many friends so much pleasure over the years. Here then, is that story - The Golden Age of Folkestone's Cinemas.

Now Available: "The Elham Valley Railway" by Brian Hart

The Elham Valley Railway by Brian HartBrian Hart has been writing railway history books for 30 years. His latest title The Elham Valley Railway is an extensively enlarged and detailed history of this popular and much-lamented Kentish line, which has NOW BEEN PUBLISHED and available in certain bookshops in East Kent.

The book can be ordered by post - enquiries to The Titfield Thunderbolt Bookshop.

It is also NOW IN STOCK LOCALLY at the following outlets (signed copies are also available here): 

Many of the author's previous books are still available and may be ordered online through The Titfield Thunderbolt Bookshop. Older or out-of-print titles may sometimes be found in rare and antiquarian bookshops.